eat all the burgers

A Five Guys just opened a few blocks from my office and I’ve done yoga once in the past two weeks, in case anyone is wondering where my money and waistline are about to disappear to. Housework only burns so many calories.

I’m sort of kidding, but I do have a real problem balancing lack of exercise with proper eating (in case I haven’t mentioned it recently, lol). It all comes back to the willpower I don’t have. I had two lunches yesterday, thanks to the aforementioned new Five Guys. Well, I considered the cheeseburger & fries an early dinner, but I was hungry again around 8pm so I had a bagel. Not sorry. I’ll get back into my regular workout routine soon enough, but until then… my pants still fit (although I had to wash my jeans recently. Regrets).

The good news is that in addition to my overnight oats breakfast of choice, I’ve been able to keep lunch nice and balanced. Thanks to Buzzfeed, I found a link to a DIY Starbucks Protein Box that I’ve tweaked a bit for my needs/preferences. You can follow the link for the basics; for mine I add carrots, eliminate the cheddar cheese, and I use regular peanut butter and non-light Babybel. This has served as lunch almost every weekday for, I don’t know, possibly months now. It’s so good! This week I’ve had pears instead of apples because they were cheaper and pears are delicious.

I do try, and I succeed pretty often. I just don’t post about the days where I have oats for breakfast, the protein-box-thing for lunch, a small snack, and a salad or whatever for dinner. Boring.

moving house = terrible diet

My husband and I are finishing up moving into our new house. This has resulted in a lot of junky meals. I had Pop Tarts for breakfast today, and PB&J with dill pickle chips for lunch (which is also what I had for dinner last night). We took our move helpers out for pizza, so leftover pizza was also on the weekend menu. Now that our kitchen is mostly unpacked, we might be able to cook real food tonight.

So yeah, basically we need to go pick up the rest of the food we still have back at our apartment, and then go grocery shopping. On the up side, hauling boxes is a fairly decent calorie burner.

Welcome to our beautiful home! …ugh.

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breakfast, lately

Overnight Oats are all over the internet right now. Until recently, all I had in my pantry were steel cut oats, which I tried a few times for overnight oats and Did Not Like. The consistency didn’t work for me. But I  was inspired by my hetero lifemate to give OOs another chance. Conveniently I had recently run out of the steel-cut variety, so last weekend I picked up some classic, old-fashioned rolled oats. Life changer! Or breakfast changer, anyway. For most of the week I ate the same combo and it managed to keep me satisfied until lunch time every day. Not everyone can eat the same foods daily, but I have no problem with that (I think I’ve mentioned this before), so this will probably be breakfast for quite some time. Weekends excluded.

The recipe I use is super simple. 1/2 a cup each of the following:

  • rolled oats
  • almond milk
  • whole milk yogurt
  • frozen blueberries

Then, you know, mix it all together and put it in the fridge until morning. I know a lot of people prefer greek yogurt which is fine, you’d just need to use more milk to compensate. Easy.

If you’re a calorie-counter, this comes in around 300, depending on what kind of yogurt and milk you use. Nice!

my pants still fit so I guess it’s not so bad

I am a terrible blog neglector. The only excuse I have is laziness, and maybe a lack of creativity. I started this blog to document my lack of willpower in the food department, but assuming that would get boring rrrreal fast I ended up thinking too big and getting stuck for ideas.

Oh well!

I’m just going to pretend that I’ve been here this whole time.

So, this week I made chicken caesar salads to bring for lunch. For breakfast I’ve had overnight oats with fruit, or similar. Oatmeal, fruit, and yogurt have been the stars of breakfast for the past few days. Salad and an apple for lunch, granola bar for a snack, and then in theory, I’d come home and make a nice dinner. Then I’d get a bit of exercise and be good to go/free to watch Netflix for the rest of the evening.

Except yesterday I couldn’t say no to splitting a bagel with a coworker. Then for lunch, another coworker grabbed a pizza to share. No way am I refusing pizza! Today, I ended up impulse-purchasing a random seasonal bag of M&Ms (boooo-tterscotch!), and then yet another coworker showed up to a meeting with an assortment of McVities cookies. If you’ve never had McVities, find some. You won’t regret it. Except you might eat more cookies than you mean to because they’re so addicting. Dinner tonight was a homemade burrito bowl that was meant to last for two meals. Naturally, I ate the whole damn thing. This wouldn’t necessarily be a big deal if it weren’t for all the rice. One woman does not need that much rice in one sitting. I don’t actually regret it, except now I have to come up with something else for tomorrow.

To top all this off, I haven’t worked out in days. The last exercise I got was many hours of painting rooms on Saturday (which totally counts). I was going to at least do some yoga tonight, but… nah. I’m here instead.

Tomorrow is another day.

on sleep

I often have a hard time falling asleep. It’s not insomnia, I just apparently do my best thinking in bed. Our loud upstairs neighbors don’t exactly make it easier. But I was in the middle of a guided meditation with Lesley Fightmaster one evening and I realized I could have totally passed right out, because it was so relaxing. I don’t feel that way about all meditations, but this one got me. I worked a little magic and put the audio from the mediation section of the video onto my phone so I could play it at bedtime. This was the beginning of my sleepy time experiment.

First I downloaded a couple sleep apps. I started with iSleep Easy because I was looking specifically for meditations. This one comes with three options, and you can buy a subscription for access to more. The one called “Relax Into Sleep” is pretty nice. Some time later I was researching a little more deeply into free options, which is when I found Relax Melodies. This one is highly rated and quickly became my favorite. It comes with a whole bunch of different melodies you can chose from (and, again, even more if you pay for premium). You can play several at once and adjust the volume on each for a completely customizable bedtime tune, which you can then save for future use.

At some point I decided I wanted to emulate savasana when I was falling asleep, so in addition to my Relax Melodies tunes I added an eye pillow to the experience. It smells like lavender and makes me extra happy. Obviously it falls off my face once I’m asleep, but it’s not hard to find.

Guys. This has been pretty much life-changing. Relax Melodies has a timer which I almost always set for 30 minutes, and I regularly fall asleep before the music ends (you can opt for the app to close when the music is done, which is helpful). Even if I’m still awake, I feel like I usually drift off pretty shortly after. There are some nights when that isn’t the case, but over all I’m super stoked about this.

Now if there was a way I could stop all of the pets from waking me up in the middle of the night, I’d be set.


quickie post: why do I drink this

I have a weird fondness for gas station caffeine. I fill the cup with 1/2 coffee and 1/2 fake machine-made french vanilla cappuccino. Why is this so delicious to me? Anyway, I don’t get it often, mostly because I don’t have much of a need to go inside gas stations. But a little convenience store just opened up in the building across the street from my office and they have gas station-style coffee offerings. Fortunately I know it’s not something I would enjoy every day, so I don’t think I’m doomed.

Said convenience store also sells pre-made banh mi. No word yet on how it is, but I’m working late so I bought one (along with my fake coffee) to have for dinner. Here’s hoping! There’s no Vietnamese food in walking distance from my office, so if this sandwich is good then it might be kind of a big deal. For me at least. A little Thai place is getting ready to open over there too, so the excitement is doubled.



Am I late to the party? Follow this IG:

Guys. If you’re not following the Instagram account HungryBetches, you should be.

That’s all for now. I’ve been in hibernation mode. Eat, sleep, work. Oh, and yoga! I’m trying not to be a total slacker in that department (not always succeeding though). I learned to do a thing:

All right. This gelato’s not gonna eat itself.